Alexander Lohrmann (9:30 — 10:00)

Generating entangled photon pairs for satellite-based quantum communication

One of the key components of future quantum networks in space are entangled photon pairs, with applications in quantum communication, key distribution and computing. I will briefly review the concept of entanglement and how it can be applied in key distribution for secure communication. To generate polarization entangled photon pairs we use spontaneous parametric down conversion in nonlinear materials. In this process, a pump photon splits into two entangled, lower energy daughter photons. Our newly developed SPDC source design is able to produce high rates of polarization entangled photon pairs with high quality (near unity entanglement fidelity). The source can be miniaturized to fit in a 2U CubeSat and is more robust against thermo-mechanical stress than previous and competing designs. In the future, we aim to generate rates exceeding 1 million entangled photon pairs per second on board one of our CubeSats.